Are There Legal Steroids?

Legal steroids are always being hunted in the fitness and sports industry. This is because everyone knows the effects on the muscle if anabolic steroids are used. Just mention the word steroids, the imagination of super huge muscles and ultra-ripped look comes into mind. The imagination of raw power, glances of admiration from fellow gym mates and the feeling of being the king in the gym is enough to push anybody to consider taking steroids, irregardless whether it is steroids for bulking up or for cutting up.

But using steroids is definitely against the law. Most people can live with the fact that they get acne or even high blood pressure but the thought of ending behind bars just because they want to build muscle would hold them from getting on the juice. This reinforces the popularity of legal steroids which is also knows as the steroid alternatives.

There are many websites out there that sells legal steroids. You can get these products without prescription. In most countries, you will need prescription in order to buy steroids but since the steroid alternatives and gaining popularity, many companies are cashing in on this. But you really need to educate yourself and do a research before buying these legal steroids because they also can cause many health problems and complications.


One of the legal steroids that you can obtain without subscription is Test Suspension, which is also known as Supratestin Depot. It is a used to gain muscular strength, increase mood, and increase fitness level and boost muscle growth. It contains pro testosterone agents that increase testosterone levels greatly in the blood stream.

To use this particular steroid alternative, you just need to use droppers. You do not have jab yourself or anything like that. Just drop 2 to 4 mls a day into your mouth with the droppers and hold it there for two to three minutes before drinking down.

These steroid alternatives are continuously gaining popularity. Even though they do not need prescriptions, using these supplements are not allowed in many competitions. Even caffeine pill are banned in international competitions and events.